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Hyderabad Plastic Surgeons

Care Hospitals, Rd Number 1, Prem Nagar, Banjara Hills
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  • Country:  India
  • State/Region:   telangana
  • City:   hyderabad - 500034

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Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad


Plastic surgery is a surgical speciality which involves restoration, reconstruction of facial and body defects caused by birth disorders, burns, traumatic injuries, or a disease. Plastic surgery enhances function and also helps to achieve a natural appearance.

Hyderabad Plastic surgery team offers comprehensive care in the field of plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery. Hyderabad Plastic surgery is a team of qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Hyderabad. With their result, oriented treatments Hyderabad plastic surgery clinic became the leading plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad.

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Treatments available at Hyderabad Plastic surgery clinic:


The plastic and reconstructive surgeries offered by Hyderabad plastic surgery team are:



Correction of chest wall defects

Pressure Sore (Bed Sore)

Skin cancers

Skin grafting

Skin flaps

Defect Reconstruction

Hernia Repair


Swelling/ Tumours

Reconstruction of Penis/ Vagina



Post-burn defects and contractures



Breast reconstruction

Breast lumps surgery

Nipple/Areola Reconstruction

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