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  • Country:  India
  • State/Region:   Delhi
  • City:   Delhi - 110085

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Generally, a trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that you can use to recognize your item from those of your competitors. Through trademark registration or you can say logo registration/brand registration; you can secure your image or logo by confining other individuals from utilizing the equivalent. For example the logo of NIKE and their slogan JUST DO IT is an enlisted brand name. By trademarking your logo or brand, you are providing it protection as it is illegal to use a similar logo or slogan.

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Taxfin provide technology-driven platform of professional services to various industries in India. Our services cover all the taxation & legal needs of businesses, such as setting up/formation of business entity, government registrations & filings, accounting, documentation, handling intellectual property rights and annual compliances and complying with all the taxation laws which needs to be adhere into businesses. We also offer a wide range of services to individuals, such as property agreements and tax filing. Our mission is to provide fast professional services to meet all the legal and professional needs of business at earliest.

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