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IVF Training by IIRRH Institute

Best IVF Training Institute
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  • Country:  India
  • State/Region:   Karnataka
  • City:   Bangalore - 560001

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Skills and accuracy is required for all Assisted Reproductive Technology courses. The knowledge of Assisted Reproductive Technologies is gained only through in-depth knowledge and training experience. IIRRH Institute impart this knowledge through faculties, actual hands-on IVF training and live demonstrations that ensure proficiency for every aspirant students at the end of course. ART Course of IIRRH Institute is 18 days Hands on Fellowship Course for the interested Embryologists. The main objective of this course is to upgrade the scientific knowledge and to promote the clinical and the technical laboratory skills of the gynecologist/embryologist in field of ART.

The talent of IVF is carried out through successive classes of lectures and guidance under professional supervision.

Our Course description:

Established in 1999 and one of the well known International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health(IIRRH) being IVF educational institute in the India, in tied-up with top rated educational institutes such as is VIT University, NITTE University & Bangalore University for PhD in Reproductive medicine courses, where our faculties provides best theoretical as-well as practical knowledge in all aspects of ART including embryology course, Andrology training, micromanipulation (ICSI Training) and infertility training.

Course Fees of Basic Infertility Courses:

Course Fees of Basic Infertility Courses is 697.81 USD for Overseas candidate and 50,000 Rupees for Indian Candidates. Please note that living expenses such as Food, Traveling, Stationary services, and Laundry services etc are not covered in the course fee but we have room facilities for the candidates with Free Wi-Fi Internet connection provided by IIRRH Institute.

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Our IVF Course Objectives:

  • To understand the basic grip of ART Techniques.
  • To be able to describe to the patients about the different aspect of ART.
  • To enable the students to handle the lab equipment, it's proper usage and care
  • To have the basic skills-set for the candidate to suit their specific profile
  • To know the different complications of ART techniques.
  • To have advanced skills for starting their own practice of ART.
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