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ayurvedic doctors for neck pain in kukatpally | Sriharsha Ayur

ayurvedic treatment for neck pain ,cervical spondylosis ayurvedic treatment, ayurvedic doctors for neck pain in kukatpally
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  • Country:  india
  • State/Region:   Andhra Pradesh
  • City:   Hyderabad - 500083

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Sri Harsha  Ayur, We are also expert in treating incurable diseases through ayurvedic and panchakarma treatments, Our unique way of using the knowledge of medical paths to diagnose and understand the patient through NADI PARIKSHA and Panchalakshananidaana, made us as a popular and well known Ayurvedic doctor. our deep knowledge, Inheritance and hard work won deep affection and trust of all those coming into contact with us

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Dr.Sambasiva Rao Peteti Ayurveda treatment centers in Hyderabad.Specialist in Ayurvedic Treatment Gastro intestinal Disorders like Acidity,Peptic and Duodenal ulcers,IBS.

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